Blueberry plants

Were reliquishing 160 5 year old plants out into the community. Potted, productive( we make pies from nursery plants, yes they,re producing). In comes new inventory: baby 4 inch plantlets we sell at $3.85 under 100. 100-500 $2.45.Blueberries grow! Peat, Bark. A little sand, water, a handful of cottonseed meal, you are on your way!

shoo away the birds(net-and we sell net) and you’ve got crop; consider soil, fertility. 10 years growth? Antioxidants with delight? I mean munchable deligjt… why not… expect 20 pounds per plant. These big plants go for $40 to $60 green, growing, we accept bitcoin, mc, visa, amx.the idea is. creating security.

Sugar is in berries, sugar. Please stay safe. Sugar IS a drug, addicted? Relieve yourself in love, delight. Lip service.

yep, talk. Basic as that

You, meet that extension agent, the one down the road growing, growing, growing. That neighbor, pea patch, kind enthusiast. God-like delivery. It is God-like relationship. Break out. Touch the earth like never before.

Read up…, I mean, where do we trust? Wendell Berry. Masanobu Fukuoka, Sego Jackson, Mark Musick. Heros all. A neighbor..

Too long for a tweet.

Though more important. Natures’ coat tails.

I like moscht….Vinegar cider.

Blueberry plants. Sale. $25 to$65

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