Grapes grow in Western Washington extremely well, just give them full sun! Like Figs and Kiwi. There are at least 15 different seedless “Table Grapes” that succeed. In the order of ripening I have listed these here. At the bottom of the list you will find cultural notes-how to grow.

Plants for sale are 1 and 2 year old in liners ( 2.5″ tube pots), 1 gallon and 2 gallon pots; occassionally a larger older plant in a 2 or 5 gallon pot with fruit.

Cuttings: Barerot,All varieties available Feb-May $5 each, callused by March.

Liners: Available May to August. <6″ $5; 6-12″ $6; 12-18″ $7; 18″-24″ $8

Gallons: Available year-round: 18-24″ staked $15

2 Gallons: Available year-round: 24-36″ staked $24

Fruiting: Call for availability: 2 gallon $28; 5 gallon $35


Earliest Green/Gold sweet seedless French Hybrid. Ripe in August. Up to 25% sugar. Raisins! Fresh in salad, frozen ice pop beads. A smaller tight cluster grape that you can eat like an apple-biting into the cluster. Not flavorful enough for jam or juice but the the best early reliable grape we grow in the coolest of sites.

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Earliest seedless grape that grows successfully in the coolest parts of the country-even in shade! we always have plants to share and grapes to pick in August.


Next to ripen in the order. A curious blend of Muscat grape and French/American. Nice bouquet in a large, red loose-cluster bunch grape that proves seedless and free of disease-even late into the fall rains. A strong plant.

That’s dark purple Jupiter and golden Interlaken in this pickers’ basket


Reliance is a beauty. Mild and sweet, lower sugar for those with blood sugar concerns, very juicy, mid to late September, and it’s super productive. We have one that threaded itself into our greenhouse cover, hotter, and it ripens a month earlier.


This grape sports a strawberry-like flavor. Red, loose bunch, disease free. Sweet and juicy, a favorite here at Skipley Farm. I think it’s my favorite.


This grape has large clusters of a larger round fruit. Pink-Red, mild flavor, goes good with cheese, fruit salad.


Mars-Dark, almost black, loose cluster

Venus- another blue grape, varies in quality here.

Glenora-most complex of flavors, dark blue

Delight- crispiest of the green>golden grapes, very late, huge clusters.

Here is a simple training for new vines from WSU Growing Wine Grapes EM068E

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