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Scionwood and Grafted trees open the other tabs. See EXCEL file link which has complete lists of inventory including Apples, seasonal scionwood, pears, plums, berries, ornamentals. Contact: or Text/ph. 206-679-6576

Nursery Plants-1gallon to 15 gallon

Shipping is available…find us on ebay/etsy too!

Apple Nursery

Apple Tree Page are “Bench-grafted” which means each tree is custom made to your specifications. 8-$15
Grape Plants– are 1 and 2 year old $8 to $14

We have Apple trees-500 varieties to choose from as well as custom grafted trees.

Find in the nursery(+varieties) : Elderberry(2) Aronia(1), Blueberries(10), Grapes(25), Raspberries(3l, Blackberries(2), Marionberry, Gooseberry(2), Black Currant(6), Red Currant(2), Jostaberry, Pear(20), Kiwi(2), Fig(2), Persimmon(2 species)

A host of Nectary Plants, like Hydrangea, Sage, Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Goldenrod, Lovage, Comfrey


Occassionally we have extra Vegetable starts in April-May like Tomatoes cukes or pumpkins

• Blueberries ripen July–Late August
• Mature at 3 ½’–6′ high
• Space 3 ½’–6′ at planting
• Best in moist, acidic soil
• 1 gl. size; some varieties are available in larger sizes – pick up only.

VARIETIES: Bluejay, Blueray, Bluecrop, St. Cloud, Northcountry, Cabernet Splash, Patriot, Pink Lemonade, Legacy

Cabernet Splash was Developed by Briggs Nursery:

  • New foliage emerges a dark, deep, cabernet color, then mottles dark green as it matures.
  • Abundant crop of medium-sized delicious berries.
  • Specimen or mass planting; excellent paired with lighter colored or textured foliage plants.
  • USDA zones 4 to 8.
  • Vigorous grower; 4’ x 4’.
  • Pest and disease resistant


  • Large, dark-blue, highly flavored ber- ries. Producing 10–20 lbs. of fruit at maturity.
  • Will perform in wet soils better than most varieties.
  • Spreading growth habit to 4′.
  • Ripens early in the season over several weeks. Hardy to Zone 3.


  • The fruit is very sweet; berries are medium sized.
  • Bush is vigorous with spreading habit.
  • Extremely productive; over 20lbs. per bush.
  • Good choice for freezing – they ripen all at once.
  • 4′ tall at maturity. Ripens in early midseason.
  • Hardy to Zone 3.


  • Berries medium-large, light blue
  • with firm flesh. Flavor good, moderately aromatic.
  • Plant is vigorous, consistent heavy producer.
  • Spreading growth, 6′ tall at maturity.
  • Ripens in midseason.
  • Hardy to Zone 4.


  • Very productive, producing

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  1. Hi,

    Do you still grape vines available for purchase this time of year?

    Do you have grape must for purchase?

    All our grapes are u-pick and always get picked out by Late October

  2. Hi,

    I came by yesterday on November 24th and wanted to take a look at some of the younger vines. No one was around.
    Will you have young grape vines for sale this next season?

    We always keep a stock of plants around from cuttings to 3 year old. And you can always call to reach me- to walk you through self-service!

  3. You all have any Ellison’s orange, by any chance??
    Yes, Generally keep at least 1 or 2 (or 50) trees of all varieties in stock

  4. Do you have Indian gooseberries or plants?

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