Grafted Apple Trees

Excel file list

4 types of trees are sold:

1. Bench Grafts: most preferred, lowest cost to produce and ship, with new fragile ‘whip & tongue’ grafts, sold bareroot and shipped January to June, $15 for one tree, $20 shipping <20 trees, add $1/tree over 20.

2. One or two year old: trees (whips), typically a few feet but sometimes just a few inches of growth, $20 for one, $20 shipping <5 trees, add $3/tree over 5.

3. Feathered trees, usually 2 to 4 feet, $25 for one, $30 shipping varies by size.

4. Mature 10+ year old >Dormant dug, farm pickup only, $250-$800. Ask for availability.

Apple Trees are always available as Bench Grafts -whip and tongue grafting (creating new trees) performed annually from February through June. These are custom made per your order and requested rootstock type. Allow at least a few weeks lead time (preferably months). These are ‘baby trees’, fragile for a few months. Shipped per your requested date by May 1st. After May 1st add $5 for “growing-on” where we pot to hold and grow until your requested date, usually fall Sept.- October or following spring.

Excel file shows varieties and rootstock choices (2nd row). Most current Inventory up-date see top left corner.
Updated 2/16/19

Notes for excel file:

Column description at top, colors are tag colors and are for different rootstock- used for tracking in the field, and what your tree is sent with.

NA refers to scionwood and Bench Graft tree sales only.

Varieties in blue are favorites, more certain of availability and linked to descriptions at Orange Pippin.
I’m new to Excel Online, you should be able to download, expand, modify and send me back the Online Excel copy with the buttons in lower right for notes, make an order, even use the embedded palpal link in the chart once confirmed for an order. But if it’s just a few trees, don’t bother, just email your request.
Excel File Link again

After I confirm your total, variety, ship time and address, pay your total by:

Favorite: mail a check and notes to Skipley Farm 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290 or PayPal to 206-679-6576, or

1. Try using the paypal button link (add 2%) Pay Here Once C onfirmed

2. call me with a credit card (add 3%)

3. send $ with FB ‘Messenger’ to Skipley Farm- free (like debit, uses bank routing)

Tree shipping begins last week of January, $20 flat shipping rate

Bench Grafted prices:
1-2 Tree $15.00 USD
3-5 Trees $40.00 USD($13.34ea)
6-9 Trees $70.00 USD($11.67ea)
10-14 Trees $110.00 USD($11ea)
15-19 Trees $165.00 USD($10.50ea)
20-29 Trees $200.00 USD($10ea)
30-39 Trees $285.00 USD($9.50ea)
40-49 Trees $370.00 USD($9.25ea)
50-74 Trees $450.00 USD ($9 ea)
75-99 Trees $650.00 USD($8.67ea)
100-499 Trees $8.50 each
500+ Trees =$8.25 each

For 1 and 2 year old add $4 to price tier above.

Send me your wish list with alternates. Shipping for trees is $20 as large flat rate Priority Mail box. Mail check to 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290 or add 3% for Paypal to my phone 206-679-6576 or

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