About Skipley Farm, Borealis Landscape

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google map link: 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish 98290

Contact John at 425-443-1547 / Gil at 206-679-6576

7 1/2 acres of fruit. You-pick, organic (non-certified) tree, bush & vine fruit farm. A place for education-Classes-; Edible plant Nursery-especially apple trees-; and Landscape Designs –  Borealis Landscape & Design, Inc.-We design and install landscapes/ permaculture implementation, as well as maintain flourishing gardens.

Skipley Farm is in Snohomish WA, 30 minutes North of Seattle just east of Everett off Hiway 2. During the PYO season check availability and updates at Facebook or a call to John 425-443-1547 or Gil at 206-679-6576 . Our address is 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish 98290. Parking is in front – pull in, turn right off driveway. Please respect the resident’s in the farmhouse.

As of 2019, we have 280 varieties of apples (2000 dwarf trees), a nursery of the best that grows here, a dozen different Seedless Grapes(300), a field of Blueberries(1 acre), 20 Cherry, 20 Pear, 15 plum varieties, plantings of Kiwi, Raspberry, Blackberry, Black Currant, Gooseberries, Jostaberries and a full nursery of the best that we grow here in Western Washington.

Of lesser-known fruit you may pick Serviceberry from our 300 trees, Aronia, Autumn Olive, Thimbleberry, Elderberry, Cranberry. In future years expect Fig, Shipova, Pear, more strawberries and even more apple varieties like Calville Blanc.

Contact us through email:

13 thoughts on “About Skipley Farm, Borealis Landscape

  1. If I order rootstocks and pay through PayPal can you bring them to me at the propagation fair at Highland rather than shipping them? Or order in advance , get them and pay cash at the fair? Will you have grapes or cranberries this year? My Stevens cranberries I g out from you 2 years ago have done quite well and I’d like a few more.


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