Grafted Apple Trees

Contact me, I will produce a PayPal invoice

This list is a work in progress, has all fruits grown on the farm including new accessions. Apple, Pear, Quince, Stone Fruit, Berries, Grapes.

Excel file list -link

Notes for excel file:

Use Apple+Scionwood sheet for whips and BenchGrafts21 sheet for current year

Top lines: Column description with colors are tag colors and are for different rootstock- used for tracking in the field, and what your tree is sent with. Smallest to largest rootstock types, repeated at column ‘AA’ with newer (to me) rootstock G11 to P18 and on to double grafts (interstem) beginning with 106/M27

Column ‘A'(yellow): Refers to estimated collectable scionwood quantity… where NA is not available yet. Numbers under 5 should always have backup of alternates and are limited to 1 per person/order – I do my best to spread genetic material around. This column count changes weekly (date at top) during winter/spring, so keep tabs. And if you want to start a commercial-size planting please inquiry during summer!

Column ‘K'(beige): Available trees! starred trees are Not For Sale. And-if I only have 2 trees in column ‘K’ they are not for sale.

Column ‘L’: These are grafted 2021 and can be found on the next sheet, they too are for sale and as of August ’21 are 1-2′ tall

Varieties are linked(Work in progress) to Pomiferous or Orange Pippin

4 types of trees are sold:

1. Bench Grafts: most preferred, lowest cost to produce and ship, with newly made ‘whip & tongue’ grafts, sold bareroot and shipped January to June, $15 for one or two trees, 3 to 9 trees are $14 each; 10 to 49=$13ea.;50 to 99=$12 each; 100 to 499= $11 each; 500+=$10 each.  July-December we ship and sell these as 6-12 month ‘whips’ and sold at above prices +$5. Shipping/handling is $10 plus 15% of total, min. $12.

2. One or two year old: trees (whips), typically a few feet but sometimes just a few inches of growth, side branches reduced or not existent and priced accordingly ~20% discount for weaker trees(that grow!) Prices: $25 each for one or two; 3-9 trees $23 ea.; 10-49 $18ea.; 50-99 $16 ea.; 100-199 $14ea.; 200-499 $13ea. Shipping is $10 +20% of total, min $15

3. Branched trees: usually 2 to 4 feet, $30-$40 priced by quality and quantity $30 shipping (varies by size). We try to not keep too many of these around.

4. Mature 10+ year old: Dormant dug, farm pickup only, $250-$800. Ask for availability. I can send photos.

Apple Trees are always available as Bench Grafts -whip and tongue grafting performed annually from February through June or Budding in July-August. These are custom made per your order and requested rootstock type. Allow at least a few weeks lead time (preferably months). These are ‘baby trees’, fragile for a month. Shipped per your requested date up to May 1st. see ETSY!   After the 1st add $5 for “growing-on” where we pot to hold and grow until your requested date, usually mid-October through next May.
Excel file list

After I confirm your total, variety, ship time, pay your total by:

Mail a check and notes to Skipley Farm 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290 or PayPal preferred to 206-679-6576, or

1. Try using the paypal button link (add 2%) Pay Here Once Confirmed

2. call me with a credit card (add 3%)

3. send $ with FB ‘Messenger’ to Skipley Farm- free (like debit, uses bank routing)

Climate zipcode lookup T. Over 85° and under 28° can cause damage. Our stock is Dormant, best time to ship October-March.

Fresh ‘Bench Grafts’

Illustration of 1 type of graft used when stock is larger than scion.


(just waiting to post more!)



I just wanted to thank you for the trees that I got yesterday- a Roxbury Russet and Wolf River, they were better than I expected. I will definitely recommend you for people that are looking.


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