Pick Your Own

Nursery is open! Fresh fruit> we have Enterprise and Liberty suitable for fresh eating, pies or drying. Absolutely zero chemical residues, we do use clay.

For your review, know when to pick:

October 4th>last week we got picked heavily! Still a few apples, expect under 2 pounds. Lottery? Consider it a stroll in the field, one of this and that, grounders, imperfect. Maybe a few Autumn Olive, Kiwi, few rasberries, no grapes left on the vine.

See you next year!-opening June

Apples priced by pound <1# $5 minimum; 2-3#=$4/#; 3-5#=$3.70/#; 5-10#=$3.20/#; 10-20# $2.50/#; 20-40#=$2.25/#;40-100#=$2/#; 100#+=$1.85/#; 2nds @ reduced prices.

September 2018

Sept.27th: Apples and Seedless Grapes($4-$6/#)

in order of ripeness:Honeycrisp, Elstar, Alkmene, Mother, Crimson Crisp, Pixie Crunch, Tsugaru, Fugi, Empire later there will be another dozen varieties; several seedless grapes on now. open 9-6 thurs-sat, 11 to 6 Sunday through October.

Saturday 8th: Apples and Seedless Grapes($4-$6/#)

Honeycrisp! rows 5 & 6, Elstar-the Dutch #1, row 3, Tsugaru and Sansa – sweet sweet sweet, row 15, Ellison’s Orange-cheesy-row 19, Alkmene-a pleasant complex sibling of Cox Orange Pippin- U.K. no. 1- row 20; seedless grapes>>> Interlaken-Yellow-row 4&5 and Deep purple Jupiter-row 6&7

August 2018

Friday 31st:

Apples: Zestar! Our nicest Apple right now- very sweet and crisp but it’s the last week; also the sweet Sansa and Tsugaru-a red delicious improvement; Bartlett Pears; Interlaken grapes(golden) are ready, Blackberries are still full flavored

Saturday 4th: Blueberries, Apples!: ‘Lodi’-best early pie/sauce apple, crispy golden ‘Pristine’, rosey ‘William’s Pride’, and our early local McIntosh ‘Wynoochee Early’, Blackberries, Mulberries. Blueberry plants in the nursery are loaded with fruit-$32 each, 3 for $85; Apple trees $15, Raspberry plants $7

July 2018

Saturday 28th:Blueberries, Lodi Apples, Early Blackberries, Mulberries. Blueberry plants in the nursery are loaded-$32 each, 3 for $85; Apple trees $15, Raspberry plants $7

Saturday 7th: We have Lapins Cherries (ladders provided); Gooseberries, Black Currants, and the cross between these-Jostaberry, there are the beginnings of Blueberries, Red and Gold raspberries; a few Serviceberries. and in the nursery are many giant tomato plants, blueberry, raspberry, all the black and red currant varieties, 100 different apple trees-dwarf to standard, a lot of perennials. It’s still early mind the uneven ground and excuse our collected ‘tidy piles’ as we continue to build our barn.

June 2018

June 21st: Red Currants added to>

June 14th: Black Currant ‘Slitsa’, 1st pick> Raspberries, Serviceberry/Juneberry ‘Coles Select’



LOG 2017:

We had about 20000 pounds 2017, Thank you for picking!

October 27th

Upick: Autumn Olive-red & gold; no upick apples!20171022_145915and at the farmstand-self serve any day-Apples, Quince, Asian pear, our 15 variety raw cider (half gallon=6# of apples, $10)

> self serve cider press! Bring your apples, press, $2/gallon. Our virgin half gallon containers are extra $0.75 each

October 19th

Apples-Fugi, Liberty & mixed, cider and Quince at the stand to purchase; upick> kiwi berry and a few small and scabby -though tasty-Jongolds, odds&ends this weekend. Open 9 to 6 through Sunday

It’s the perfect planting time again! Grape plants, blueberry bushes, apple trees, black currants, jostaberry, raspberry, kiwi berry and more. Great prices!

October 12th ’17

Upper field Upick is open this weekend only for apples, quince-$4/# 5# limit. Stand has picked apples-Fugi and Liberty (macintosh-type) and plums from eastern Washington as well as our fresh cider. You can u-pick Autumn Olives- sw part of the farm any day $4/#.

For Kiwi berries, Jonagold 18th-1st. Apples listed below (main field) are 95% picked out-only poor quality remains-$1.50/ pound

October 7th

We have🍏s: Liberty scattered in orchard, Empire & Spartan-row 13, Macoun& Jonamac-row 12, Melrose on 8, Rubinette row 9, more by color row 11 and up. Also grapes-Jupiter on rows 6&7 Mars-row 3&4, Glenora-row 8, Alden and seeded wine 🍇 Siegerrebe & Madeleine Angevine between gooseberry/currant, Pinot noir-on outhouse, Regent & Agria-row 1; Autumn Olive, early Quince and few blackberries, cider & jams; Kiwi berries, late 🍎s Hudson’s Golden Gem, Jonagold in 2 weeks.

October 5th

Open again! A few apple varieties are ready again. Namely- Empire, Spartan, Liberty. Grapes are decent with Jupiter, Glenora and Mars.

September 22nd ’17

This week, especially yesterday, we saw a lot of apples leave the orchard. Picking is slim until the Jonagold come on. October 12th is our expected reopening day.
Sarah, Steve, John or Becky will guide you as my Dad passed on the 21st. I am with family in Pennsylvania until the 5th.

September 14th

Mac-type apples are beginning to ripen this week and next>Liberty, Macoun, McIntosh, Spartan, Empire. Interlaken Grapes are up to 23 brix! Jupiter is on, 18 brix, Glenora is beginning at 14 brix as is the meaty Mars grape.

September 7th ’17

Grapes! Interlaken is @15% sugar; apples- see Sept. 1st. Elstar, Mother, early Fugis, Kidd’s Orange-Red, And see below

August 31st ’17

Honeycrisp, Early Fugi (Sept. Wonder), Zabergau Reinette, Bramley’s Seedling, Ellison’s Orange, Pixie Crunch, Fiesta. Also Blackberries, Aronia, Elderberry

August 24th

Same as below

August 17th

Giant Blackberries, Blueberries- ‘Legacy’ variety, Apples-William’sPride-#1fresh eating &sauce, Gravenstein, Summerred, Sansa, Zestar! Mulberries, Aronia, Shiro and Hollywood plum, Ubileen pear, Elderberry, 2 weeks-Honeycrisp

Closed Monday’s and Tuesdays

Aug 4 2017

Blackberries, Blueberries- ‘Legacy’ variety, Apples-Lodi, Pristine, William’sPride, Summerred, coming up- Sansa, Zestar! Mulberries. In 2 weeks- sour grapes, Aronia, Ubileem pear, Elderberry, Honeycrisp

Closed Monday’s

July 31st 2017

Blueberries, Blackberries, few Raspberries, Mulberries, Pristine apples

Open 9 to 6 daily

Nursery is open

It’s Planting time… Edible landscaping is our skill: Right plant-right place; consulting, workparties.

At the farm stand, Feb. 2017: Apples, Chilled Cider, Quince and Black Currant fruit leathers and jams, truly raw almonds from a small farm in California, pastured pork jerky (Roam Sticks), Orange Blossom Honey from our beekeeper Jacob, Fruit trees, Blueberry bushes, Grape vines, Raspberry and many more tasties for your garden.

LOG 2016:

We had 12,000 pounds of apples in 2016. Thank you for help picking!

2016 Log follows:

October 19th: what is left to pick in the field are rough Braeburns, Quince, 30# Hudson’s Golden Gem, Rubinette. There are a few hundred pounds of drops/gleaners. $5/person, includes 2 1/2 # basket each that you can fill with picking or fruit from our stand or just come to visit the animals! They are a delight to visit and appreciate the company-especially the 2 month old goats!

October 14th ’16

2 fields-upper has picking yet,$4/# and the main has gleaning, $1.70/#

Crimson Topaz is one crunchy, zingy, late apple that is still hanging. We have about 30# yet in the upper field


Crimson Topaz


Hudson’s Golden Gem

10/16-We have 80# of the nutty Hudson’s Golden Gem

Also, our cider press is set up for your use-$2 per gallon-bring your apples, containers or use our 1/2 gallon containers. Presses up to 50gal./hr.!
October 10th: 400 pounds more to pick

Open this week 10AM to 6PM- Monday, Wednesday, Saturday; Sunday 11 to 6PM

Upper Field is open- 5 pound maximum of these varieties: CRIMSON TOPAZ, Crimson Crisp, Keepsake, PIXIE CRUNCH, Kidd’s Orange Red, Bramleys, Stayman Winesap, Goldrush, Braeburn, Hudson’s Golden Gem–all $4.00/#.

October 8th: Last week for apples- we are 3 weeks early due to 3 hot days in April causing early bloom. Still have 40 pounds of grapes and pumpkins-about 20 only. 5 pound limit in the Main Field: Fugis-Beni Shogun & September Wonder, Liberty, Kidd’s Orange Red, Macoun, Rubinette, Jonagold, Melrose, Jonamac, Gala, Empire, Cameo and drops that fall 5 feet into soft grass, all $2.00/#.

Limited amounts of ALL VARIETIES ABOVE plus others are available at the stand for $3.00/pound.

1/2 gallon jugs of variety blend Cider $7.50.

Through October: SHAKE YOUR NEIGHBORS TREES! Bring your own apples-see craigslist ad press your own

End of season specials on nursery stock: 4 year old Blueberries $100 for 5, $22 ea. Apple tree starts $100 for 10-build a fence! $13ea.

October 1st: pumpkins-yes a few from our display… Apples are winding down, with a 10 pound limit: Fugis-Beni Shogun & September Wonder, Liberty, Kidd’s Orange Red, Macoun, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Rubinette, Jonagold, Melrose, Jonamac, Gala, Empire, Spartan. We have limited quantities (5# maximum) of these picked varieties: Belle de Boskoop, Ashmead’s Kernal, Crimson Topaz, Crimson Crisp, Spitzenburg, Hudson’s Golden Gem and handfuls of some 20 other varieties–all $4.50/# Special this week only Kiwi berries; ending this week-golden Eleagnus umbellata the “Autumn Olive”… and excellence in Cider! Optional-press your own


September 24th: Peak Week! yes we’re 3 weeks early; yikes no pumpkins…but we have Apples: Fugis-Beni Shogun & September Wonder, Honeycrisp drops, Liberty, Pixie Crunch, Crimson Crisp, Crimson Topaz, Rubinette, Jonagold, Melrose, Jonamac, early Macouns, Belle de Boskoop, Eleagnus umbellata the “Autumn Olive”-red and gold, few Blackberry, few Golden Raspberry; just starting (the caterpillar drops ’em 2 weeks early!)-Kidd’s Orange Red; ending soon- Tsugaru, Mother, Blackberry
September 17th: Apples- Elstar, Honeycrisp, Liberty, Pixie Crunch, Fiesta, Rubinette, Tsugaru, Hatsuaki, Fugi types, many more getting the glow of flavor; Italian Plums, Eleagnus umbellata the “Autumn Olive”-red and gold, few Blackberry, few Golden Raspberry; just starting (the caterpillar drops ’em 2 weeks early!)-Kidd’s Orange Red; ending soon- Tsugaru, Mother, Blackberry
September 10th: Apples- Mother, Alkmene, Tsugaru, Elstar, Honeycrisp, Liberty, Pixie Crunch, Fiesta; Italian Plums, Eleagnus umbellata the “Autumn Olive”-red and gold, few Blackberry, few Golden Raspberry; just starting -Kidd’s Orange Red; ending soon-Alkmene, Gravenstein, Purple Gage Plum, Blackberry
September 3rd: Apples- Alkmene, Pricilla, Elstar, few Honeycrisp, Liberty, Pixie Crunch, Mother; Italian Plums, Eleagnus umbellata the “Autumn Olive”-red and gold, few Blackberry, few Golden Raspberry; just starting -Fiesta, Honeycrisp, Mother, Kidd’s Orange Red, Purple Gage Plum; ending soon-Alkmene, Gravenstein, Akane, Italian Plum, Blackberry

How to pick the perfect apple:

What is perfect? #1 Fragrance; #2 Yellow-red color; #3 drops-in-your-hand; #4 separates from the tree with little effort:

First look at the ground: The best tasting, finished apples drop when they’re perfect- initiated by the Codling Moth that eats a significant tunnel directly to the seeds and exits. The apple responds to this ‘wound’ with a blending of enzymes that cause early ripening-usually 1 to 2 weeks early and this is the best tasting apple de facto in the row-used as samplers at the farm market.

#1: The apple has a ‘Ground Color’ becoming more Yellow from Green (not the Red color). With a good eye you can detect yellow through the Red where the Red tints orange-especially the sunny side. #2: Lift the apple, it drops in your hand. #3: Lift and twist 1/4 turn, it drops in your hand #4: Aroma. If a bite on the sunnyside comes up starchy it may not ripen and should not come easily off the tree (spur). The spur carries the flower bud for next year and STAYS when picking-be careful, use your thumb if necessary, but this usually means it’s NOT RIPE.

August 2016

August 27th: Apples-Akane, Alkmene, Pricilla, few Honeycrisp, Pixie Crunch,; Italian Plums, Autumn Olive-red and gold, Blackberry, Golden Raspberry; just starting-Fiesta, Elstar, Honeycrisp, Mother; ending soon-Akane, Alkmene, Ellison’s, Sansa, Gravenstein
August 20th: Apples-Gravenstein, Sansa, Ellison’s Orange, Wealthy; Italian Plums, Blackberry, Golden Raspberry; just starting-Honeycrisp, Akane apples, Autumn Olive-red and gold; ending soon- Blueberries, Aronia
August 13th: Apples-Zestar, Sansa, Gravenstein, Ellison’s Orange, Redfree; Blackberry, Golden Raspberry; ending soon- Blueberries, Aronia, Zestar; just starting- Sansa Apple, Autumn Olive-red and gold.
August 6th: Apples-William’s Pride, Zestar, Gravenstein, Redfree; Blackberry, Golden Raspberry; ending soon- Blueberries, William’s Pride Apple; just starting- Ellison’s Orange and Sansa Apple

July 2016

BERRY BLISS 2nd weekend:

Saturday & Sunday come out for berry breakfast, Smorgasbord-style. Graze the farm berries, complement wild things, the sacred stillness. Dye your hands, de-tox your belly-vitality, glowing eyes result.

$10 over 18; $5 children; under 6 free!

July 2nd: Blueberries! Peaking this week and next; Raspberry and Jostaberry; end>Gooseberries & Black Currants

July 9th: Berry Bliss Event Saturday Blueberries full-on; ending- Jostaberries, Gooseberries, Currants; Just starting: Blackberries and Aronia, Lodi Apples, Ersinger Plum

July 16: Lodi Apples, Aronia, Blackberry, Golden Raspberry; ending soon- Blueberries, Raspberry, Jostaberry, Ersinger Plum; just starting- Shiro plum

100+ varieties, Apples begin late July with Lodi, Summerred, Gravenstein, William’s Pride, Zestar

June 2016

June 4th: Black Currant ‘Slitsa’, 1st pick> Raspberries, Serviceberry/Juneberry ‘Coles Select’

June 11th: as above + Black Currant ‘Ben Lomond’, ‘Ben Sarek’, ‘Consort’ and ‘Blackdown’, Gooseberry ‘Invicta” Raspberries: -begin ‘Tulameen’, full-on ‘Caroline’ and golden ‘Anne’

June 18th: as above+ Raspberries, ‘Tulameen’-best for eating, ‘Caroline’-best for freezing& golden ‘Anne’ Blueberries begin-‘Patriot’, ‘Earliblue’, with ‘Duke’ and ‘Spartan’ Jostaberries-a black currant x gooseberry cross, very tasty, 60 nice bushes to pick from

June 25th: Blueberries full-on production, easy picking with mid-season ‘Blueray’ and ‘Bluecrop’, Spartan, Duke, Rubel, Bluegold, Northblue, Raspberries ‘Tulameen’, Jostaberries; Tasters only– Marionberries & Boysenberries

Open for you-pick- just call to get us out of the field! 206-679-6576

We will post hours in Facebook and here as fruit season approaches. Please like and link to our posts on Facebook. Facebook is our most active site.

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