CSA : Community Supported Agriculture

In 2013 and 2014 we had CSA shares- weekly(21) boxes of fruits and vegetables Those boxes were delivered and cost $900 for the season. Without marketing, interest would need to be a group effort with a minimum of 5 shares.

So, why bring this up? Cars and traffic. Parking reservations help but don’t eliminate frustrations.

MEMBERSHIP” or “shareholder”:

Pledging our commitment to provide contributing participants/shareholders with our choicest selection of mixed fruits (and some vegetables); additionally nursery stock, consulting, classes, even Landscape work. Our diversity of skills at Skipley Farm is broad. We are here to help, to be the cause for happiness and health.

Skipley Farm CSA Membership questions should be directed to Gil. 206-679-6576 or gil@skipleyfarm.com

$200: “Small Share” for starters.

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