Fruit tree Scionwood is the graftable one-year old wood variety (e.g. apple Honeycrisp, peach ‘Redhaven’, pear ‘Bartlett’) wood for grafting rootstock to scion. In Snohomish, Washington we cut wood in January and hold chilled thru July. Scroll down for a list of 90+ varieties. 

Choose scionwood from the list below, then email or mail your selections –Do not make payment unless you have a list of alternates as some varieties are very limited-but most wood is available through July. Please send along address and preferred shipping date, and preferred diameter-defaualt is ASAP and 3/16″-1/4″ with 1/8″-3/8″ available.  PayPal works for us, just add a dollar or two (3%) to or my phone number 206 679 6576; or mailto- Skipley Farm 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290

1 scion (9″ typical) should make 3 or 4   2-bud grafts. Prices: $5 for 1; 2 = $9.50; 3 = $13.50;  4 = $17;  5=$20; 6 to 9 $4 each;  10 to 20 $3.50ea., 21 to 50 $3 ea.; 51 to 100 $2.50 ea.; 100-200 $2 ea., 200 – 500 $1.00 ea.; 500+ $0.80 ea.

Collectors! Over 10 single varieties (1 stick each) add $1.00 per scion, e.g. 13 varieties -add $3; 10 singles+3 doubles for a total of 13 varieties/16 scions- no extra charge

Shipping is $8 for up to 10 scions, $ 0.20 each additional. Maximum shipping $24

Rootstock! Just arrived …prices are $3 each, 3@$8, 6@$14, 10@$20, 20-39@$1.75 ea., 40+=$1.50 each, 100+ see below. Shipping=$15 up to 5, 6 to 12 add $1.00 each, 13 to 50 rootstock gets packed in the large flat rate box @ $23. This year we don’t have much more than 10 of any variety prior to mid-late March. Typically I purchase 1000+ in March, & always short on bud 9~trying to get this shored up the year before! I am happy to collaborate where price breaks occur for larger numbers ~ make requests early (like now for next year)

Bench grafted trees are $13 each, these are fresh grafted or budded in prior year. 1 year trees are $18- and is what we have most of but if you don’t see what you need then custom order bench grafts where we are grafting nearly year-round. See Grafted Trees 2016

Bench double-grafted trees (w/interstem) are $22.50. We use B118 or EMLA111 rootstock with B9, Mark, P22 or EMLA 27 10-12″ interstem. See Grafted Trees 2016

Email:  call/text 206-679-6576

Apple Scionwood: 92 var.

those underlined are scab-resistant

AkaneAlkmene, Ambrosia, Arkansas Black, Arkcharm (na 2017), Ashmead’s Kernel, Belle de Boskoop, Beni Shogun, Bramley’s Seedling, Braeburn (Hillwell var.), Cameo, Chehalis, Cherry Cox, Claygate Pearmain, Crimson Crisp™, Crimson Topaz™ or ‘Topaz’, Daliest, Ellison’s Orange, Elstar, Empire, Enterprise, Esopus Spitzenburg, Fall Pippin, Fameuse(snow), Fiesta, Fortune™, Gala, Gala(Ultima)™, Golden Russet, Harrison, Hatsuaki,  Honeycrisp, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Goldrush, Gravenstein -13 cvs.>[[Starr, Fred, Blood Red, Chetwood, Black, Yellow, Green, East Coast, Rosebrook, Candystripe, Fall Pippin, Common]]; Jonagold, Jonagold de Coster, Jonamac, Jonathan, Jupiter, Karmijn de Sonneville,<span style="text-decoration: underline;" Keepsake,King of Tompkins Cty., LibertyLodi, Macoun, Mcintosh, Melrose, Mother, Mutsu, Newtown Pippin, Nova Spy,  Pinata™ (pinova, sonata, corail), Pixie Crunch™,PricillaPristine, Redfree, Red Belle de Boskoop, Resista, Roxbury Russet, Rubinette, Sansa, Sept. Wonder™, Spartan, Spigold, Summerred/Paulared, Staymen Winesap, Suncrisp, Tsugaru Homei, Twenty OunceWealthyWilliam’s Pride, Winesap (na 2017), Winter Banana, Whitney Crabapple, Wolf RiverWynoochee Early, Yellow BellflowerZabergau Reinette, Zestar!™,.

Pear: 13 varieties: Abate Fetel, Barnett Perry, Bartlett, Bosc, Brandy, Comice, Flemish Beauty, Hendre Huffcap, Orcas, Packham’s Triumph, Petit Blanquet, Rescue,  Seckel, Ubileen

Cherry: 11 varieties and availability 2/2017: Compact Stella; Glacier; Hartland; Kristin; Lapins; Montmorency; Skeena; Stella; Surefire;Van; Vandalay  priced as above.

Plum: Shiro, Ersinger,Toka, Reine de Mirabelle, Franklin, Geneva Mirabelle, Superior, Italian, Seneca, Coes Golden Drop, Blue Damson, Shropshire, Purple Gage, Bavay’s Gage, Flavor Grenade Pluot– Priced as above

Grape-15 varieties>3 bud cuttings same as scionwood pricing;> wine> Madeleine Angevine, Regent, Seigerrebe, Agria, Dornfelder; Seedless Table Grapes: Jupiter, Einset, Canadice, Interlaken, Delight, Reliance, Glenora, Venus, Mars, Sweet Shelly, Lakemont; Seeded Grapes: Alden, Niagara, Steuben; callused cuttings available in April, “plants” after May-then add $1 ea.

Black Currant cuttings in Nov-May, same pricing as scionwood (above), Plants (bareroot) 1-2 year old $14, 3 for $32 (includes shipping), 7 varieties of cuttings>Consort, Ben Lomond, Ben Sarek, Black September, Blackdown, Slitsa, Hilltop Baldwin, Titania™, Crandall’s (Ribes odorata)

Gooseberry cuttings in Nov-May, same pricing as scionwood (above),6 varieties>Hinomaki Red, Invicta, Red George, Black Velvet, Lepaan Punainen, Captivator, others>Jostaberry, Rovada and Cherry (reds)

Jostaberry cuttings in Nov-May, Excellent Black Currant/Gooseberry cross. Rooted by April, sent as cuttings or rooted cuttings.

Blueberry plants-Bluecrop, Blueray, Spartan, Chandler, Patriot, Top Hat, Pink Lemonade, Burgundy 1 gallon$14 to b&b $85, 2gal (24″-36″) $28, 4 gal $35- these are bearing-sized plants-expect 2-3 cups 1st year.

Brambles plantlets– varieties inc ‘Jewel’ Blackcap, Tayberry, Raspberry ‘Anne’-golden everbearing, ‘Caroline’- red everbearing, ‘Tulameen’-late, giant July bearing, Blackberry>’Triple Crown’, huge and very productive, ‘Boysen’, ‘Marion’,best tasting, Bareroot Nov through March >Tip-Starts minimum 5 $22, $4 each additional

Other Berries Plants: Elderberries>’Nova’ and ‘York’, Aronia, Serviceberry 4-6 feet, $32 ea. ‘Coles Select’, ‘Prince William’, ‘Princess Diana’;  1 or 2 gal $13/$21 Autumn Olive “Ruby’ and ‘Garnet’; 3 year old Shipova=$32; Cranberry ‘Pilgrim’, ‘WSU’, ‘Stevens’ 4″/1gal=$7 /$14 ; Strawberries- 1gal Albion and Seascape $5, 10/$25

 Rootstock choices are: 

(Let me know your desires as order goes in early and I don’t always handle hundreds unless there’s a call for this)


Mark, 3/16″ 20% 50+ available, Mark has been a good performer for us-especially in pots. They are stronger-rooted than emla27 or p22 but are sensitive to drought- drip irrigate on a schedule!

EMLA27,¼”(20%), 20 availableP22 1/8″and 3/16″ 50+ available: Trees on m27 and P22 are great value for the amateur and home gardener needing compact, precocious trees for small gardens or patio pots. Trees need little pruning after the first five years, except for occasional shortening back of  spurs.

Bud 9,¼”(25%), 2 to 4 years old, and only a few available: Bud 9 has exceptional winter hardiness, crown rot resistance (phytophthora), promotes open scion growth, and produces crops in two to three years with a yield efficiency like that of M-9. Bud 9 is common in high-density plantings, planted 2 to 4 feet apart in the row. Also used as interstem on Bud 118 and EMLA111

EMLA 9,¼”(30%) 50 available: Like Bud 9, EMLA 9 is a full dwarf withg high precocity, heavy soil tolerant, phyththora resistant, wooley apple aphid resistant and to it’s credit, not quite as brittle as Bud 9. Space 2 to 4 foot in the row

Nic 29®, 3/8″(m9/30%),  Stocky, 20+ available. When considering a high density orchard the M-9 Nic® 29 rootstock would be a good choice if you’re looking for a more vigorous M-9 clone. Highly recommended for those diploid varieties where vigour is necessary to bring the apples to a good size.

Geneva 11®, 1/8” (35%), 50 available,apple replant disease.

Geneva 16®, ¼”(35%) 5 available-Virus susceptible where latent viruses reside in particular varieties, has survived severe drought, limited use. All I ask is… why?

PAJAM-2®, ¼”40%) 10 available-When considering a high density orchard the M-9 Pajam 2® rootstock would be a good choice if you’re looking for a vigorous M-9.

EMLA26, ¼”(45%),  <5 Available Recommended for use on all but badly drained soils. It is particularly valuable as a dwarfing stock where satisfactory performance on M-9 is in doubt. It is useful for high density plantings. When budded with spur-type scions, EMLA 26 should be planted on soils of higher fertility. EMLA 26 is not as vigorous as EMLA 7, but is much easier to manage in the orchard.

Supporter® 4, ¼” (55%) 50 available: Trees on Supporter® 4 are more uniform than those on M-26 with little burr knotting and overgrowth, also it is more collar rot resistant. Precocity similar to M9(medium-high). This rootstock is ideal for low-vigor or replant sites and low-vigor varieties.

EMLA 7, 3/16″(60%), 5+ available Strongly anchored, tends to throw suckers, lower precocity efficiency than smaller stocks, a good semi-dwarf variety for low fertility sites and low water.

Geneva 30®, 5+ available(60%) similar to M7 but somewhat brittle, might want to stake it, limited

A few EMLA 111 3/16″ (70%) 50+available Bud 118 3/16″(95%) 50+ available: Excellent for No-water sites and low fertility. These are self-supporting, Excellent for “double-working” or interstem grafts.

Double-grafted rootstock (w/interstem) are $22.50. They are 2 years old unless noted. We use B118 or EMLA111 rootstock with B9, P22 or EMLA 27 10-12″ interstem. These are taller in shipping where we use 40″+ boxes. Priority Shipping is $22 with $2 each additional tree.


Quince A, 3/16″(60%) 75 available, Some varieties (Bartlett, Bosc, Seckel and Clapp) are not compatible with the Provence Quince clones, and thus require an interstem to form a strong union. Anjou, Comice, Flemish Beauty and Swiss Bartlett are varieties which are compatible with Quince rootstock. Support of trees should be considered.

Quince BA29-C, ¼”(65%) 5 available, Grafted to Rescue and Flemish Beauty as an interstem, same as Quince A

Old Home x Farmingdale 97,  none available (90%), A clonal rootstock of Old Home x Farmingdale, this rootstock is resistant to pear decline and fireblight. It is a superior rootstock for vigorous pear trees. Hardy and resilient to cold. It provides good anchoring and yield efficiency.

Rootstock Prices are $3 each, 3 = $8, 6=$14, 10=$20, 20-39=$1.75 ea., 40+=$1.50 each; shipping=$20/up to 10, $1.00 each additional.

Bench grafted trees are $13 each, shipping is $20 up to 8 trees. $1.00 each additional: 1 year old and last year’s budded are $18-most of the inventory- see  Grafted Trees 2016

PayPal (add 3%) or mail:  call/text 206-679-6576 Skipley Farm 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish,  WA 98290




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  1. Naomi says:

    Hello, I would like to purchase a mid season blooming plum scion wood. Mirabella look nice, but any other mid season bloomers will do. Let me know if you have any available.


  2. Matt says:

    Can you send plum scions to Calgary Alberta ?


  3. Matt says:

    Can you send scions to Calgary ?


  4. Dave Drysdale says:

    I’m looking for I think EMLA 9 for my zone 8 Ukiah California clay soil drop irrigated site. I want to have pinita and any other low chill that would be comparable pollinators to end up with 3 or more variety’s. Any suggestions?


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