What’s at the farm?

Nursery plants for your garden or mini-farm, Retail and Wholesale.

Variety trials. ‘Center Field’ now has 320 apple varieties. New plantings every year. Tastings in the October-in 2021 its Oct. 30th

Volunteer Mondays! Come out and help on the farm, chores are a-plenty. Or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Picnic spots in the grass or among the nursery plants

Our new 2000 sq. ft. poly-house where we experiment with all kinds of things

Animals include Chickens and Reggie the pig.

A trampoline

As for Pick-Your-Own we have primarily fruit: Season begins with Black Currants Mid June, Gooseberries and Early Blueberries mid July, Main crop Blueberries are in August followed by the early apples like Gravenstein, William’s Pride and Lodi. Raspberries and Jostaberries (black currant x gooseberry), Blackberries, and their hybrids-Boysenberry, Tayberry and Marionberry, Elderberry comes in early September along with Aronia. The September month brings on the mid-season apples like Honeycrisp, Zestar, Sansa, Elstar, Alkmene, Ellisons Orange, Mother, Kidd’s, Karmijn de Sonneville. Late September into October begin the keepers like Liberty, Fiesta, Macoun, Spartan, Early Fugi, Jonagold, Melrose. Some of our latest varieties are Fortune, Belle de Boskoop, Golden Russet, Ashmead’s Kernal and Suncrisp, Roxbury Russet. Late October- Medlar, Kiwi, Aronia, and Autumn Olive. July apples begin the 2nd week.

Every year we make an effort to grow some vegetables like pumpkins and squash, cucumbers, chard, lettuce and kale, carrots or beets which you can find past the blueberry field to the west and on the shoulders of the Pear Orchard.

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