Apple Cider pressing Festival September 9

$25. We will be set up for tasting of 20+ apples, making and serving cider and other food products from the farm.

Apples at Skipley Farm are beginning to yield with a precocity that rivals any standard.

With 4500 lineal feet of trellised apples in a block of apples growing 80 varieties on Budagosky-9 rootstock (dwarf to 10 feet) and about 2 pounds per running foot of apples, there are 20,000 pounds of fruit to be experienced. Wettish year, clay-loam soil, 1st Kaolin Clay spray (‘Surround’) was delivered July 16th for apple maggot;<1% coddling moth at this point-next gen to be interrupted with clay, possibly. Kaolin is a silica-based finely ground clay that inhibits insect activity up-to 95% when applied consistently. Compost teas (Nettles, Comfrey, Horsetail, provides the silica component, and penetrant supplied by garlic according to Michael Phillips, author of Holistic Orcharding

What’s Picking at Skipley Farm

July 15th ’23: Jostaberry is ending, Blueberry just beginning. Lodi apples are pickable green-tart, yellow, sweeter next week. Bug-netted black and red currants are prime and picked over quickly-planting more! Reggie our piggy turns ten this year. 3 week old chicks and sandboxes are childrens favorites. $5 adult orientation, support, no charge >65,<25. Donations warmly accepted.

Caramel Apples, Medlar, Grapes

I made organic caramel with just sugar, cream, butter, water, honey, salt and vanilla (no Corn syrup). Then I rolled 10 different apples into the hot stuff, and then rolled some of those into toasted pecans and hazelnuts. I have 20 at the checkout stand today. There are Medlar and Grapes to pick yet. And here is a movie to get informed with – godd for 4 days before fee.

The last fruits of the season

At the checkout stand- 6 varieties of apples, grapes, quince. Upick in the field: Grapes, Medlar, Autumn olive, Aronia, Quince.

The apples are picking nicely. Tasty this year, good size

15 varieties right now. Grapes are still tart but packable. 9 to 6 every day but Monday.

First Fruit Picking July 1st

Black Currants begin this week followed by our earliest blueberries, Jostaberries and gooseberries.

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