Apple-Grafting Classes January thru August

-next class August 16th & 23rd 6:00 to 8:30

RSVP Gil  206-679-6576 ( > 1 day prior)


 3 hours.5:30-meet greet eat apples cider cheese make 10 trees, learn  the top 20 and all about the bees how to grow, train, espalier basic organic methods. take home more grafted trees @ $3 each.

 $125=10 trees+class, $200 couple=20 trees+class


Call to schedule a personal class. 206-679-6576 Make your own trees on site

Farm Tours

-Now scheduling

One hour or two. Organized and audience-specific for an unforgettable experience. Measured, engaging, inspirational. Gil Schieber, Horticulturist extraordinaire, is in the business to “cause happiness”. Through his aspiration to promote food gardens he’s become a maestro in gathering plants that influence and shape our village.

Rates 2017

Guided Farm Tours

“Youth” =< 18 yo

Groups <12 persons:

$25 group fee+$7 per youth, $10 adults

Groups 13-24 persons:

$35 group fee+$6 per youth, $9 adults

Groups >25 persons:

$45 group fee+$5 per youth, $8 adults

  *Reduce group fee with all purchases              Before packing up we tally the group purchases-Nursery, fresh fruit, honey, . We give a dollar-for-dollar reduction for every dollar exceeding the group fee.     Example: group of 8 spends $26 therefore $1.00 exceeds $25 group fee and reduces the $25 group fee to $24.

Adult Horticulture Classes

Grafting, Espalier, Summer Pruning, Organic Soil Nutrition, Bugs & Bugs, Irrigation-Drip/Conventional, Plant Propagation, Planning for an Edible Landscape, Starting a Farm, Landscape Design Principles, Orchard Layout, Food Preservation

$24 hourly, minimum $70 or 3 persons


A short biography: Gil Schieber grew (up) in Pennsylvania, being grandfather-inspired to propagate plants. Attending the National Farm School (now Delaware Valley University) Gil studied his blossoming passion-growing food and perennials integrated with nature. At 13 the reality of  “natural balance” in nature transformed the young visionary. Family adventuring on rivers and trails lead Gil to pursue environments abroad. Naturalists, those who study nature, became Gil’s mentors.

Navigating west by bicycle, Gil leaned into the wind, setting his sights on farms and farming. Dining with Masanobu Fukuoka, father of “natural farming”, Robert Rodale, promoter/publisher of Organic Gardening magazine, Gil discovered the Tilth Association  as he rolled into Seattle. Volunteering his already 10 years employed-experience in horticulture, Tilth recovered with a renewed core and a thriving garden. Gil was spurred-on by our local farm advocate Mark Musik. There, at Seattle Tilth, home of the Good Shepherd Center, Gil created the building’s gardens over 25 years. Nationally recognized and used as a training ground for horticulture, the Historic Seattle grounds once displayed over 2500 species. The other half-time Gil volunteered, taught and built a landscape business that today is the backbone of Skipley Farm, continuing the mission of “paradise building”.

Horticulture Teaching experience: