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google map link: 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish 98290


Contact Gil at 206-679-6576; Gil@skipleyfarm.com

7 1/2 acres of fruit. You-pick, organic (non-certified) tree, bush & vine fruit farm. A place for education-Classes-; Edible plant Nursery-especially apple trees; Landscape Designs – Borealis Landscape & Design> now just ‘Plantsman’ >Design/consult, install and maintain landscapes. Permaculture is a process of collaboration, resourcefulness and regeneration

Skipley Farm is in Snohomish WA, 30 minutes North of Seattle just east of Everett off Hiway 2. During the PYO season check availability and updates at Facebook or a call to Gil at 206-679-6576 . Our address is 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish 98290. Parking is in front – pull in, turn right off driveway. Please respect the resident’s in the farmhouse.

As of 2021, we have 380 varieties of apples (2000 dwarf trees), a nursery of the best that grows here, a dozen different Seedless Grapes(300), a field of Blueberries(1 acre), 20 Cherry, 30 Pear, 15 plum varieties, plantings of Kiwi, Blackberry, Black Currant, Gooseberries, Jostaberries, white strawberry and a full nursery of the best that we grow here in Western Washington.

Of lesser-known fruit you may pick Serviceberry from our 300 trees, Aronia, Autumn Olive, Thimbleberry, Elderberry, Cranberry. In future years expect Fig, Persimmon, Medlar and even more apple varieties like Calville Blanc.


July 20-Aug 20 Lodi

Aug 15-Sept.5 William’s Pride

Sept 5-15 Zestar! and Gravenstein, Summerred, Sansa, Ellison’sOrange,  Alkmene.

Sept. 10 to 25 Honeycrisp, Bramley, Fuji, Mother, Elstar, Karmijn, Gala, Priscilla,

Sept. 25 to Oct 5 Pixie Crunch, Crimson Crisp, Macoun, Spartan, Liberty, McIntosh,  Empire, King, Tsugaru, Hatsuaki,

Oct. 5 to Oct. 20 Melrose, Suncrisp, Belle de Boskoop, Spitzenburg, Fortune, Winter Banana, Winesap, 

Oct 20> Jonagold, Rubinette, Melrose, Decoster, Ashmead’s Kernel, Cameo,

Contact us through email: Gil@skipleyfarmcom of course add the dot when you cut and paste. Helps with scanner scam.

Why eat 150# of apples (1 per day)

The Skipley Farm Fruit Tree Nursery is a small but diverse enterprise situated on 7 acres of land in the lovely county of Snohomish. The land was 98 years in cattle and horses, with deep clays, and clayloam topsoil which is rich in natural organic matter. This is a huge advantage as it means the soil is always moist allowing roots to enjoy optimum growing conditions all year round. As a result, our trees are strong and healthy with well-developed root systems.

The fact that our fruit trees are grafted on site and ‘grown on’ in the open field or pots for 1, 2 or 3 years before selling is a huge advantage as it allows you to create the tree in your shape, style and dwarfness.

Apples are our speciality, and we can offer more than 400 varieties for sale, by far the largest selection of apple trees for sale in the US. We are particularly interested in collecting and conserving those wonderful old, rare and unusual varieties from all over the world that will surely disappear and be lost forever without our help. There are7000-15000 varieties due to every apple seed being different. Its just about applying a NAME! We grow apples from seed too.

As part of our conservation work we hold back one or more trees of every variety we propagate for our own use. Each tree is then planted in our orchard where it is safe from extinction and also provides cuttings for future grafting. Growing each variety in our orchard provides potential to carry out important research regarding how each tree performs in the our climate.

Here at the nursery we also specialise in growing varieties with good disease resistance. These varieties are more suitable for organic growing systems as they are less likely to require maintenance spraying although it should be pointed out that even the most resilient varieties are not immune from diseases.

Other fruits we sell include Pears(30+ varieties), Plums(20 different kinds), Gages, Damsons, Quinces(6 diff kinds), Medlars(3 diff kinds), Grapes(25 diff kinds), brambles of all sorts, Kiwi, Fig, Elderberry. We also supply a large selection of soft fruit bushes including Black Currant(6 diff kinds), White and Red Currants, Gooseberries, Jostaberries, Blueberries(15 diff kinds), Strawberries(potted), Aronia.

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