TIPPING THE SCALE: Zabergau Reinette


My favorite apple so far…the homely brown ones in the photo. Some years it fails. This years it stands up to the best of the intensely flavored apples, like Belle de Boskoop (below), Karmijn de Sonneville, Ashmead’s Kernal, Spitzenburg and Crimson Topaz. With its fissured, coarsely russetted calyx it produces an evening glow of amber dressed with gold fleck and a carmine blush. Tart and exotic, zingy when first picked, mellowing over a few days to a balanced cidery meal. The thick¬†breaking crumb cake skin yields nicely despite its roughness. It goes soft in a few weeks. The challenge is cropping…these apples consistently bear light crops, often a quarter of say Honeycrisp or Jonagold, thus as low a price I can muster.

Heirloom apple Belle de Boskoop, pie, sauce, fresh
Heirloom Belle de Boskoop

I have picked apples of the above five varieties for the affordable price of $4.50/pound, no volume discounts. The reason the higher price is due to the low yield on these particular varieties. I do sell trees so get growing!

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