Garden Design Class

Can you imagine a walled garden?The story ‘The Secret Garden’ shed light on the peace, sanctuary and romance within the confines of such a glorious planting – where one can communicate with the wildlings. As a child this story stirred a wonder within me.

50 years hence, I recreate this paradise feigned for in my mind, on vellum again and again setting the scene to the three dimensional canvas of the earth, mirroring natural systems, constructing the eden sought. Elementary is shelter, food, security, rest, fire, water, and friendship to share the gift of creation.

The third Saturday March, April and May at 10AM Skipley Farm will reveal the world of garden design for abundance and a place to set the bench for contemplation, verse and story with music and dance the result. Enroll in a paradigm of antiquity when gardens provided victoriously. The fruits in this cornucopia are tried, true and real, our painting is here. Ten thousand have plucked from our vines immersed in this succulence. We wish this upon your own land parcel, field or allotment.

Bring plans of plot, measurements, soil, photos, all you know to tease the rudiments of intelligent design because we will!

$42 suggested donation

Plants available to initiate yield.

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