Almost certified.

I wanted to thank you for the prompt shipping of the order to Canada. I received the scions and rootstock a few days ago. The packaging was great and both the scions and the rootstock were in terrific shape. I will be sure to tell any persons that I know that your farm is a great source of supply. I will also be certain to order from you again!

This message was from out of the country. Here at Skipley Farm we are careful with diseases, trained to be an APHIS field inspector, I am very observant. Viruses are a whole different beast where most stock has some latency-like people- numbering in the hundreds or thousands. We are not a source of “clean stock” and I believe ‘clean stock’ is like a bout of antibiotics in your body where in the next days and years the stock is completely reinvested through piercing-sucking insect activity-unless you are extremely vigilant to excluding ALL piercing sucking insects. Growing in insect net for life, not happening.

But not to worry, viruses rarely exhibit themselves negatively.

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