Blueberry plants

We’re reliquishing 160 -5 year old plants out into the community. Potted, productive( we make pies from nursery plants, yes they’re producing). In comes new inventory: 1 gallon and 2 gallon plants add Peat, Bark, a little sand, water, a handful of cottonseed meal, you are on your way!

shoo away the birds (net-and we sell bird and insect net) and you’ve got crop; consider soil, fertility. After 10 years

growth expect 15 pounds of blueberries per plant.

Sale $25 to$65

We also have 1000 large 1-3 gallon pots for wholesale prices before potting up (and doubling the price! We can ship at about $15 per plant. 1 plant $15, 5-9 $13, 10-49 $11, >100 $9. >500 $8

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  1. what variety of BB plants are you selling?

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