CSA : Membership Form

Skipley Farm CSA Membership -2022

An Organic fruit and vegetable farm and nursery.

We provide food and resources for resilient and regenerative living.

Our mission is to inspire the growing of food by creating a resource of knowledge and materials for the village to succeed in this endeavor.
Retainer-style payment: Prepay, supporting your local farm establish as an incubator of resilient living.
Your account is reduced by purchases at the farm or farm market of all our goods. Hundreds of varieties of fruit, nursery crops, growing supplies, classes, even consultation/designs for creating your garden!
City_________________________________________ Zip______________________
Prepayment in the winter months is preferable

Retainer-style-prepay and charge off your account
Tiny Share $200________
Small Share $400________
Regular Share $700________
Family Share $1100________
Village Share $3500________
Community Builder $7500________
Deposits of ½ accepted only on Family, Village and Community shares.
Mail completed form & payment in full/deposit to Skipley Farm 7228 Skipley Rd. Snohomish, 98290 In exchange for my share of the 2022 Skipley Farm CSA Harvest, I agree to pay $___________ (total share amount). I understand that the harvest quantity & quality will vary week to week. Skipley Farm cannot be responsible for crop failure (but we are not in a flood plain and hail is not an issue)
Signature please____________________________________________________________

Thank you for your Community Supported Agriculture-“CSA” membership

Contact: Gil Schieber 206-679-6576, Gil@Skipleyfarm.com www.skipleyfarm.com

Anticipated Crops:

Skipley Farm mainly grows fruit. The vegetables that are listed are crops we have grown in other years-expect 1 or 2 vegetable choices in each month and let us know what you like, we’ll plant some!

June: Currants Gooseberry Strawberries Rhubarb Arugula BeetGreens Broccoli Cabbage BabyCarrots Cauliflower Fava BeansGarlic Scapes Lettuce Mustard Greens Radish Snap Peas Spinach

July: Raspberries Currants Cherries Gooseberry Jostaberry Strawberry Green Onions New Potatoes Beets Carrots Herbs-Basil Parsley Sage Thyme Chives, Marjoram Scallions Garlic Yellow Wax/Green Beans Summer Squash Chard and Kale Bulb Fennel Cilantro SnapPeas Lettuce

August: Blackberries Blueberries Early Apples Plums Peaches Tomatoes Peppers Shallots Tomatillos

September: Apples Plums Early Pears Winter Squash Pumpkins Leeks Broccoli Raab Tatsoi and Bok Choi Sweet Corn

October: Apples+Apples! Pears, Dried Apples Kiwiberries Apple Sauce Apple Pie Apple Kuchen Apple Streudel and roots and hardy greens. Potatoes Daikon Sunchokes Brussel Sprouts Onions Potatoes Beets Carrots Parsnips

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