Fruit tree varieties, apples

Locally Grown apple trees, 3000 in stock

20 years of growing organic fruit-nursery and tastings from our 8-acre farm.


Providing small affordable apple trees

We produce trees on 4 different rootstock sizes, ultimately 3 feet to 30 feet.

FEBRUARY 15, ‘keeping’ apples

We have 500 different apples trees available for various tastes. TART to VERY SWEET. Dessert, Cider, dried, pie, sauce, jelly, pickling, stock feeding cows & pigs, fresh summer (mush in 3 days) to keepers (crisp, juicy 4-8 months later).

A bridge to understanding apples

We ship dormant (November-April) and hardened-off-in-leaf (July-October). In-leaf are somewhat more challenging if you suffer hot/dry windy conditions where white sheets and shade give sufficient cover. May/June are soft and tender (fragile) months here.

Our Organic Farm in Numbers

1500 homes growing fruit from Skipley Farm

Years of trialing fruit regionally that are easier to grow than Grocer varieties.

12000 visitors annually. Come hungry, taste the difference. 2 organic apples daily is like yoga for your gut-it fixes evertything.

198% satisfied customers

Try with our vegetables

Our favourite recipes

We are very happy with the quality of the box and we value the service.

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