The Cider Press

Our press is made by Meadow Creature on Vashon Island. You may press your own -see below.

About cider: Our cider is seasonal. Pressing begins in August. Early cider is typically 2 or 3 varieties and light in color. September cider combines 4 to 6 (10) main varieties. October ciders are rich and complex combining 5 to 10 main varieties. Sweet cider is made from washed apples. It is non-certified organic, unpasteurized and unfiltered. Juice will keep in 35° refrigerator for up to 10 days before fermentation begins its normal (and healthy action). Natural (wild) yeasts will ferment the juice in the bottle at room temperature(65°) beginning in 2 days with 12% sugar going to 4% sugar (brix) and 4% alcohol in about 7-10 days. Do not shake and crack the lid, checking daily pressure.

The cider press capacity is 40 gal./hr. (with 4 people) or 10g./hr. (one person). Use our bottles or your own -Our bottles are ½ gal. virgin polyethylene with locking lid and cost 85¢. Orientation required. Contact Gil @206-679-6576, email

Price Options

On farm or your site
On Farm
$2.00/gal. + $15setup + $5/hr. Press on a pressing day (weekdays). No cleanup. Bottles extra 85¢ ½ gal.
$120 daily use any day, you cleanup.
Your Site

pickup truck needed (delivery is $25+ $1.50/mile)   

$150/24hrs.; $250/48 hrs. (Weekend or weekdays)

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